The New Croft is excited to introduce the mind responsible for the organisation’s recent resurgence in branding, online presence, and communications as Suffolk based freelance PR & Marketing consultant, Freya Louis. 

Specialising in the sports industry, Freya’s deep-rooted understanding of the sector, coupled with her branding and marketing expertise, has catalysed a remarkable transformation in how The New Croft connects with its audience. 

The decision to unveil Freya as The New Croft’s spokesperson was prompted by the numerous inquiries from readers and followers who sought answers about the recent positive changes in The New Croft’s communications. Questions such as, “Who is responsible for your branding?” and “Who has enhanced your social media presence?” have echoed throughout recent months. 

Although she has never wanted or needed recognition, it was time to introduce Freya to the community, allowing everyone to put a name to the individual who has made such a profound impact on The New Croft’s operations and image across social media platforms.

Peter Betts, CEO of The New Croft, expressed his delight at the collaboration: “Freya is someone we have kept a close eye on for a number of years. While we have a huge focus on developing our own talented staff, it’s always important to have an eye on recruiting the best in the business to enhance our own capabilities. When the opportunity arose for Freya to potentially join our team at The New Croft, we seized it with both hands.

“Freya has come into the business with a range of different ideas, enhanced professionalism and has provided both me and the staff here with a totally wider outlook on how we can improve certain areas at the New Croft. As expected Freya has been a joy to work with and we are looking forward to an exciting period ahead with Freya and the rest of the staff at the New Croft.”

Freya’s introduction marks a pivotal moment in The New Croft’s ongoing journey of growth, development, and community engagement. Her dedication to excellence aligns perfectly with The New Croft’s mission to be a beacon of progress in the realms of sports and community involvement.