County Councillor Joe Mason pledges his support by allocating £2,000 from his locality budget towards the construction of the new 3G pitch. This generous contribution completes the total amount of a £5,000 grant application to the Town Council providing a significant boost to the local football community.

Last Monday, the Town Council granted £3,000 towards the 3G pitch project, and with Councillor Mason’s additional support, the financial backing now amounts to the full sum required. The support from the Football Foundation, which recently granted £825,000 towards the project, further underlines the significance of this initiative and highlights its potential to uplift football facilities and opportunities in Haverhill.

The 3G pitch construction is a testament to the shared commitment of various local stakeholders, who have worked tirelessly to improve football infrastructure and enrich the lives of players and residents alike. 

The New Croft will serve as a hub for Haverhill Rovers, Haverhill Borough FC, The New Croft Foundation, and other partner clubs, fostering a collaborative environment for sporting excellence.

Expressing his delight and enthusiasm for the project, County Councillor Joe Mason remarked, “I am delighted to be able to support HCSA with £2000 from my Suffolk County Council locality budget for their new 3G pitch. This ‘Blue Riband’ facility will mean even more teams and countless young people being able to access state-of-the-art facilities. I am really impressed with the vision and hard work demonstrated by Peter Betts and the HCSA team.”

He continued, “As a County Councillor, I am keen that we can see investments in infrastructure in the town, and it really is exciting to see such high-quality sports facilities for our youth and wider community to enjoy.”

The community of Haverhill eagerly anticipates the positive impact this transformative project will have on youth development, sportsmanship, and overall well-being. 

The New Croft’s dedication to fostering a vibrant football culture and nurturing young talent is now bolstered by the Town Council and Councillor Mason’s generous support, ensuring a brighter future for the entire community.